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Helping You Create A Comprehensive Estate Plan

Why develop a comprehensive estate plan? Having an estate plan in place helps avoid problems and delays in the probate process. We want to ensure that your family is left with an estate plan that clearly states your wishes. A well-written plan helps prevent your loved ones from feeling overwhelmed when making decisions about your health and how to distribute your assets in the event of illness or death.

There are many reasons to have an estate plan in place, but many people still put it off. They simply do not pick up the phone to call an attorney and start the process.

At The Law Office of Jessica M. Donnelly, we make estate planning easy by starting with a free and confidential phone consultation. Next, we send you an easy-to-complete questionnaire to help you get started. Then we can sit down and talk with you in clear language about your options so you to can feel secure in your estate plan.

An Estate Plan Tailored To Your Needs

An estate plan is more than a will. Our law firm drafts and reviews a range of estate planning documents, including:

  • Trusts
  • Financial powers of attorney
  • Medical directives/medical powers of attorney
  • Medicare planning
  • Guardianship memos

We will tailor the planning documents we draft to your specific needs. You may need something simple and straightforward that can be accomplished quickly, or you may have a more complicated estate. If you need a complex estate plan, we can work with your existing financial adviser to make sure the tax and financial ramifications of your plan are taken into consideration. No matter what, we can help.

Talk With Us About Estate Planning. We Offer Free Consultations

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